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The protocols below follow the regulations and guidelines set forth in the REOPEN Connecticut guide issued by the State of Connecticut on June 6, 2020.  

The safety of everyone participating in NCSB is our utmost priority.  In order to keep everyone safe, we require, per state regulations, that if you (coach, parent, player) have current COVID-19 symptoms or are ill, you do not attend any practices/games until cleared by your physician to return to play.  Self-monitoring/assessment of your and your family’s health is vital for the success and safety of our program. 



Fields: Per state regulations, NCSB fields are open for team sports as of Wednesday, June 17, 2020.  Wearing of masks and social distancing is required in all common areas when players, coaches and parents/caregivers are not actively playing softball. All coaches will wear masks during practices and game unless doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety due to medical conditions.

Dugouts: NCSB dugouts will not have benches.  Only coaches and players will be allowed to stand in dugouts during all practices/games and they will be expected to practice social distancing. Parents/caregivers will not be allowed into dugouts during practices and games.  Coaches and players may bring their own chairs to practices/games.  Common touchpoints in dugouts will be cleaned by coaches (see Disinfecting/Cleaning Protocols section below for details) before and after each practice/game. 

Bathrooms: Bathroom facilities are overseen by the Town of New Canaan and will not be maintained, cleaned or monitored by NCSB.



Per state regulations, we will enforce gaps between the end and beginning each team’s practices and each team’s games.

Practices will be scheduled with at least 15 minute buffers to prevent overlap of participants.

Games will be scheduled with at least 30 minute buffers to prevent overlap of participants.  Games may end in a draw if time expires. This time gap allows for proper cleaning and proper distancing from each team/group of individuals using the same facilities. 



Bleachers/benches will be closed to all per state regulations. Any individual at the field must provide their own chair/portable seating, observe social distancing and wear a mask/face covering unless doing so would be contrary to his or her health of safety due to a medical condition.


Equipment & Personal Protective Equipment

Players should not share equipment.  Each player must come to each practice/game with their own batting helmet, defensive facemask, bat, glove and face mask/covering (to be worn in shared spaces.  Masks are not required when player is actively playing in practice/game).  Players are responsible for cleaning/disinfecting their own gear before/after all practices/games. 

Coaches will maintain and disinfect all team equipment. All coaches must provide and wear their own face mask for all practices/games unless doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety due to medical conditions. 

Game/practice softballs will be disinfected before and after every practice and game.  

Per state regulations, hand sanitizer will be available in common areas for players and coaches where possible.


Disinfecting/Cleaning Protocols

Coaches will wipe down and/or spray with disinfectant any commonly used surfaces prior to player arrival for practices/games and after players depart common areas and/or commonly used surfaces. 


Team Rituals & Socializing

There will be no handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, hugs, huddles, or any touching that is not a part of active play.  No shared team meals before/after games/practices, no tailgating or social gathering before or after practices/games.  Shared drinks and snacks are not permitted.  All players must bring and maintain their own water/beverage during all practices and games.



The above protocols will be distributed to coach(es) for all teams coming to New Canaan.  All opposing teams (their players, coaches and fans) will be expected to adhere to NCSB Protocols. NCSB participants should expect to follow any/every opposing teams’ protocols when playing an “away” game. 


COVID travel reminder
If you are returning to CT from one of the states listed on the travel advisory, in addition to other requirements, you must complete a self-imposed 14 day quarantine. This includes refraining from participation whether as a coach, player, or fan, in any softball organization or team events including but not limited to practice (one-on-one, small group, or full team), games, or tournaments regardless of the location of said event. Link below for those states included on the travel advisory and other information. 
Thank you all for your cooperation with the state's regulations, so that we can continue to have a healthy and safe season.

See more information on the State of Connecticut website here.



Volunteer Program Administrator: Lauren Nussbaum.  For any concerns or questions, please contact Lauren at or 862-345-8193.  Please allow 48 hours for a response.