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8u (d.o.b. 2011) Pre-Travel Programming

Our 2011 players will be eligible to try out for the 2021 10u Town Travel Program at the end of this summer. To prepare them for this, NCTS is offering a Pre Travel Program that will begin about the time Spring rec begins and continue through most or all of July.


Goal. The goal of the Pre-Travel Program is to prepare 2011 players and families for a 2021 10u Travel Tryout and Season by introducing them to the following in Spring/Summer 2020:

  • an extended softball season schedule

  • instruction that is more targeted and advanced both in individual skill development and team concepts

  • practices that are more rigorous (not necessarily longer) than Rec

  • additional focus on pitcher and catcher instruction

  • more competitive game play with rules that are closer to 10u travel ball play than Rec AAA or AA play

No tryouts. All 2011 players that want to join and have registered for the Spring 2020 Rec season are welcome in the Pre-Travel Program. The team will be large in size so we can be flexible with summer vacation scheduling. If response is overwhelming we will form two teams. If there are two teams, New Canaan Travel Softball reserves the right to organize teams by skill level and choose program structure and competition that is suitable for each team.


Practices. We will run practices during the season on late Sunday afternoons. We might add games prior to the end of the Rec season. From time to time we will add pitching and catching instruction. After the Rec season ends, we will look to have at least two practices per week and a variety of games and tournaments, not necessarily every weekend, through late July.


Competition. We are seeking primarily kid-pitch/coach rescue competition. This will involve playing younger 10u teams-players can be up to two years older. We may on occasion play an all coach-pitch game, but that is not our goal. You should know that at times we will face steep competition as we are looking to play up to prepare for the 2021 travel season.


Playing Time. Consistent with travel level programming, players will earn their position and field time. While playing time will not be even across players and there are no minimum playing time requirements, in the interest of development, coaches will find appropriate game time and positions for all players. In an instance where too many players are available for a given game or tournament to reasonably manage playing time for all, coaches will select which players attend. Due to summer travel schedules across families, New Canaan Travel Softball does not guarantee equal participation in games and tournaments.


Expenses. We charge enough to only cover actual costs and estimated weather-related use of indoor space. Final fees per player will be determined after registration.

  • Professional Coaching: Parent volunteers will support a professional coach, to be named.

  • Uniform: One game jersey. (Players to provide their own black softball pants and all equipment - cleats, glove, facemask, bat, bat bag, etc).

  • Occasional indoor space as deemed appropriate by coaches and as funds allow.

  • Catcher gear, game balls, and other team equipment.

  • Umpire Fees for regular games.

  • Group bonding event (TBD).

Participation and Feedback. The time commitment and intensity of this program will be largely based on participation levels and parent feedback on availability during the registration process.