New Canaan Softball, New Canaan Girls Softball

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A Rules for Spring Softball 2019


Equipment & Field

●        52’ Base Path.

●        Play with a 10” “softee” softball.

●        All pitchers, 1st, and 3rd basemen must wear a facemask. (highly suggested for all players in the infield and outfield at this level)

●        All batters must wear a helmet with a cage.


Player Requirements & Game/Inning Length

●        Games are at 12:30-2 pm on Sundays on the Men’s Pool and Men’s Orchard Softball fields.

●        Because there are three teams in the league, each game time we will rotate through with each team playing the other two for one inning.  The team not playing will use the other field to practice (throwing, hitting into net).

•       15 minutes arrival / warm-up

•       A vs. B for 25 min, C practices

•       B vs. C for 25 min, A practices

•       A vs. C for 25 min, B practices

●        Schedule will specify rotation of teams (Rob Trudel will email other coaches).  Coaches will manage time and rotations.  We will evaluate as the season goes if we should tweak this format.

●        Coaches will act as umpires and keep the game moving.

●        Minimum of five players is required  to  play.  If a team is short on players, they can borrow form the team who is on the practice rotation. 

●        Fill the infield first, then outfield.  In the interest of time, no catcher.

●        Outs count, but each team will bat through the lineup one time when they are on offense regardless of number of outs made.


Coach Pitch

●        A is coach-pitch only. Coaches pitch to their own team and should stand roughly 30 feet from the plate and release the ball within one step.

●        A fielder should stand near the coach who is pitching as a defensive pitcher, and field as if she were the pitcher after the pitch.

●        There are no strikeouts or walks, but a tee should be used after the fifth strike (swinging or looking).

●        Strike zone – shoulders to knees

●        Coaches should not yell to batters to swing or not swing once ball is released from hand.


On Defense

●        A coach or parent from the defense’s team should stand behind the plate to help get balls back to the pitcher and speed up the game.  Coach / parent catcher may cover home as a catcher normally would, should not field batted balls.

●        2 coaches max are allowed on the field with the players on defense (not including the coach behind home plate). They cannot physically assist in plays.

●        No player should play outfield two innings in a row.

●        Outfielders must be behind the grass line at start of each pitch.

●        Up to four outfielders allowed. No players should sit the bench on defense.



On offense

●        Continuous batting order. If a player is deemed out, she must return to the dugout. However, the entire lineup will bat once every inning. Regardless of how many outs. The offense and defense switch at the end of the batting order.

●        The teams may share one net/tee to warm up the on-deck batters IF there is supervision.

●        Batters may take one practice swing before getting up to the plate.

●        Have a coach or parent on the bench to oversee kids being ready to bat, and making sure players are being safe.

●        No running into/colliding with any fielder – it's an automatic "out" after 1 warning (per team/per game)

●        No stealing.

●        On an overthrow, runners on first and second may take the next base if unoccupied. A runner on third must be batted in.

●        A dropped ball is not considered an overthrow, only a ball thrown past the base is.

●        The play is considered over when any fielder attempts to throw the ball to the pitcher (coach or player) on or near the mound.