New Canaan Softball, New Canaan Girls Softball

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Fielding Gloves (required)

Ages 5 to 10 - Purchase the largest glove (11”-12”) that will fit the player’s hand and one she can control.  A soft leather glove is preferred over plastic or cloth.

Ages 11 to 14 - Purchase the largest glove (11½” to 12 ½”) that will fit the player’s hand and one she can control.  A quality soft leather glove is recommended because it is comfortable, easily controllable and less difficult to break in.


Batting helmet with caged/masked front (required)

We have decided to discontinue supplying batting helmets for team use to all age groups for hygienic and safety reasons. The use of a caged front or facemask for the helmet is required. If this presents a hardship, the league will have a limited supply of used helmets available on a first-come, first-served basis as we get closer to the Spring season (contact the League Equipment Officer at:


Defensive Facemask (required)  

All pitchers, 1st & 3rd base players are required to wear a mask and will not be able to participate at that position without one. NCSB recommends all players wear a mask during practice and games, regardless of position being played.


Softball Pants (read for division requirements) Rookie, A and AA players should wear any kind of black pants to play in. AAA, Minors, Majors and Juniors are required to purchase black softball pants for their uniform.        


Cleats (not required, recommended for all players AA and up)

Be sure of a good fit to avoid injury.  Note:  Metal cleats are not permitted.


Batting Gloves (not required, recommended for AA and up) Batting gloves are not necessary.  However, most players find them helpful in maintaining a good grip on the bat and lessening the sting from a batted ball.      


Softballs (not required, recommended for all players to keep at home) If the player is going to practice at home, buy softballs similar to what she will be playing with during the season.  10” softees for Rookie and A divisions, 11” softees for the AA division, 11" regular/hard softball for AAA and Minors, and 12" regular/hard softballs for Majors and Junior league players.

Bats Follow this simple rule of thumb – player should hold the bat by the handle, fully extended at arm’s length with the bat horizontal to the ground.  Rotate the wrist so that the bat moves like a windshield wiper. If the player is unable to do this, then the bat is too heavy.  We recommend a bat not lighter than a -12 drop.


Sliding Shorts (not required, recommended for AAA and up) Sliding shorts are a spandex short with pads at the rear of the hips and upper thighs.  They are worn either under the uniform pants or shorts.  They will eliminate “raspberry” type scrapes while allowing a player to learn sliding with less fear.


Leg Pads (not required, recommended for Majors and up) Leg “sliding” pads are a good option for Majors and Juniors players.