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COVID Travel Reminder
by posted 10/13/2020

COVID travel reminder:
If you are returning to CT from one of the states listed on the travel advisory, in addition to other requirements, you must complete a self-imposed 14 day quarantine. This includes refraining from participation whether as a coach, player, or fan, in any softball organization or team events including but not limited to practice (one-on-one, small group, or full team), games, or tournaments regardless of the location of said event. Link HERE for those states included on the travel advisory and other information. 

Thank you all for your cooperation with the state's regulations, so that we can continue to have a healthy and safe season. See more information on the State of Connecticut website here.

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Parent Meeting Recap
by posted 11/07/2019

Parents – Great meeting the other night! We felt it was very productive... and hopefully it helped all of you understand the goals of our team, challenges and expectations, both from the players and the parents.

A few key points from the meeting that the coaches wanted to pass along:

Philosophy and behavior:

  • Spring / Summer is Softball first, other sports come afterwards.
  • The girls are expected to self-advocate, not have the parents do it for them.
    • Parents approaching the coaches about playing time is not appropriate at this level.
  • Playing time is based on many factors, any concerns from the players should be addressed directly from player to coach at the right time (ie. not during a game).
  • Please sign and send back the updated Player / Parent contract no later then Sunday November 10th.
    • Contract can be accessed / downloaded here for those of you who were unable to attend Monday evening’s meeting.
  • We need your help! We need each of you to help reinforce the CT Rams philosophy at home with your daughter, help her understand that being part of a tournament team and a highly competitive sports program is a process, and we need to trust in our coaches and the process.


As we explained on Monday evening, we are doing what we can to keep the cost of this program down and have done a great job of it thus far. Part of the reason we’ve been able to keep costs down has been due to our highly successful fundraising efforts which have helped offset some of the costs as well as providing funding for spirit wear and other things.

We need everyone’s help to continue raising funds to ensure we have what we need over the next 9 months. Help can come from helping us secure additional CT Rams specific sponsors, as well as helping us plan and execute on group fundraising events.

We plan to create a team banner which will display any sponsors we’re able to secure and are open to other ways to bring our sponsors to the forefront. A couple of you mentioned that you may already know of possible sponsors who may be interested, please reach out to me directly to discuss.

This January we are planning another “Guest Bartender” Winter Fundraiser. There has been talk of including a silent auction into that fundraiser, and a couple parents have expressed interest in helping out. We could certainly use the help... please reach out to me to confirm if you’re interested in helping out, either in the planning or donation of items towards the auction.

Work outside of the team:

We expect that each of your girls will be working either on their own, with a parent / friend or with an instructor during the off-season. The competition at this level is solid and will continue to improve as the tournament season gets nearer. Training and development cannot be expected to only take place when your daughter is with the team, it needs to happen in the off time as well. When it does, it shows. It’s very important that if you are choosing to use a professional, that you ensure that instructor is qualified to teach the skills required. If recommendations on instructors or just advice / drills is needed, reach out to either one of the coaches or to myself and we can give advice, or set you up with the right person to talk to.

Blast Softball:

Those of you at the meeting received your daughter’s blast sensor, along with high level information related to how the sensor works, the analytics is provided and why we have decided to integrate them into our program. If you were not at the meeting, please reach out to me before next Wednesday’s team player meeting to pick up your daughter’s Blast. I will be reaching out in the next few days with more details on setting up, using and understanding how Blast works.

Team Bonding:

Our girls spending time together outside of the lines is going to be key towards their success in 2020. Teams perform better when they play for each other and not only themselves… The coaches and I are big believers in this mantra. We need your help to plan, organize and run team bonding events throughout the winter as well as the Spring / Summer season. Please reach out to me if you’d like to help plan something. We have a couple charity events lined up already, and I’d like to see several more activities planned for the team as a whole off the field.

Other Parent Roles:

I’ve asked earlier this fall, but I want to ask again, please let me know what role you would like to help with as a parent of a CT Rams player. Tournaments will always need people helping, there will be needs around the overnight events we will be planning as well as the Connecticut events. Please reach out to me to reiterate what you’re interested in helping with.


We will be reaching out over the next few weeks to schedule uniform fitting. Extra uniform items will be available for purchase including extra pants, socks etc once we have the uniform finalized.

Winter Training / Schedule:

Strength and Conditioning - We have a busy winter planned for our girls. Twice weekly strength and conditioning classes to be held at Fitness Together in Darien will start in December.

Hitting – We are planning to start hitting focused training with a professional instructor in December. These sessions will be held weekly.

Pitching Gym Space will be available starting in January, running through April.

Catchers will be asked to attend catching clinics on Sunday evenings beginning in January, running through early April.

Team indoor Practices will start towards the end of January.

We’ve been invited by the Seymour Tradition to participate in an indoor Jamboree, details to be provided once available.

Indoor Winter Tournament to be decided on, most likely mid/late March.

We are working on hosting an indoor Jamboree at BVSA in very early April.


Our tournament schedule is still being worked out. We will be traveling to Fastpitch Nation Park quite a bit and are planning other tournaments around the state. Outside of the Connecticut events, we are planning to travel to Rhode Island as well as Maryland in July for the USSSA East National Championship Tournament.

As the tournaments get closer, we can arrange carpooling where needed as well as coverage for those who can’t be on-site for the entire event.

As a reminder, our girls are not going to be playing rec ball, as such, CT Rams will be the priority and focus throughout the Spring and Summer.

Social Media and Internet Exposure:

Please be sure to follow our Instragram: @CTRamsSoftball and Facebook: @CTRamsSoftball as well as checking out our new homepage (thanks to the Healeys): (please note, the site is not officially launched yet as there are a couple bugs we are working out, but it is live and running). Please Share our Instagram and Facebook site with your contacts to help our CT Rams program gain more exposure.

Balance of Team Fees:

As a reminder, the balance of the CT Rams season fee will be due by December 1, 2019. If you are interested in spreading the payments out, that is not a problem, please reach out to me directly to discuss options.

Checks can be made out to New Canaan Travel Softball and mailed to our Travel Treasurer Rob Panagrossi at:
37 Lincoln Drive
New Canaan, CT 06840

or via Venmo: @Robert-Panagrossi

This was a ton of information... it still shocks me at exactly what is involved in a team like this. More to come.. but this is certainly more than enough for now!

We are all very much looking forward to the season, looking forward to watching our girls and team grow together and having a ton of fun along the way!


As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.


Nick & CT Rams Coaches

P.S. Don’t forget about the player meeting next Wednesday night at Fitness Together!



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