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Change Team: 
Various Updates and Important Info
by posted 11/19/2019

Hello CT Rams Parents – I hope all is well. Our girls had a great team meeting with Coaches Rita and Kara last week. The coaches are excited to see the progress the girls make throughout the Winter training, hitting and other activities... I think the words they used were: “we are really looking forward to the girls crushing their goals this winter”!

A few housekeeping items as you’ve not heard from me in over a whole, long week!

CT Rams Spirit Wear Store is online!

Our CT Rams Spirit Wear Store is Live and Online! You can access the store by following this link or by navigating to our website: and clikc on the Spirit Wear Store link in the middle of the page. 15% of all sales go back to our team in order to help additional expenses throughout the season, every little bit helps! The fitted team hats are a special fundraiser item, with 40% going towards our team (they are also designed very well and look amazing!). A special thanks to Leah Kittredge for working to get this up and running!

Any questions regarding the items on the site, or anything related to our spirit wear should be directed to Leah Kittredge: 

Food Drive

The New Covenant Center (NCC) reported to us that last weekend’s food and donation drive at Walter Stewart’s Market was the largest amount of cash donations raised in a single food drive weekend.  Sunday's donations came in at $660. Combined with Saturday's amount, we contributed over $1,300 to the NCC.  In addition, a van overfilled with food donations in much need was sincerely appreciated by the food pantry staff!

We also heard from the Walter Stewart's staff that they were impressed and pleased with the girls outgoing and polite behavior and said they welcome us back to do this again anytime. 

Thanks again to all the players and parent volunteers for helping make this event such a great success and thanks to Jeff Fortmann for organizing the event.

CT Rams Website Launch

The CT Rams have a new home! Karen and Jim Healey have built and published a team website for us. The site has links to our pictures, schedule, spirit wear store as well as other useful information... not to mention it’s a great way to show our program to the outside world. The site can be found at:

Team Survey:

The below survey was sent via the league system, but it appears to not have made it to any of the parents. If you could find a couple minutes to complete it over the day few days, it would be appreciated!

To better understand your experience and improve our program, we have put together a short, anonymous survey. This is your opportunity to leave candid comments and suggestions for ways we can make our program better in the years to come.

We strive to build a program that develops players and coaches, love of the game, and fun on the field with friends. Your feedback is vital to our success so we can continue to grow and improve.

To fill out the survey, please follow this link:


Winter Workouts

Our team’s Winter Strength and Conditioning classes are scheduled to start Thursday December 5rd. As we explained during our parents meeting, the team will be broken up into 2 groups for the twice weekly classes (Tuesday/Thursday). The groups will stay together for 2 weeks and then be mixed up every two weeks to ensure all of the girls are together at one point or another

Where: ReClaim Your Fitness, 242 West Avenue in Darien.

Slot A (Tuesday/Thursday): 3:45-4:20pm


Slot B (Tuesday/Thursday): 4:20-5:10pm


Other Winter Training Activities

We are in the process of finalizing the Winter schedule for the other activities and will be in touch in the coming weeks. Stay tuned…

Blast Motion Hitting Sensors

Hopefully everyone has managed to get their Blast accounts setup and sensors working. If you have questions, or need assistance, please let me know. Rita will be reviewing their progress throughout the Winter. Make sure you use the advice on drills provided through the app, which will help target areas the software has targeted for improvement needs through your daughter’s hitting. Again, any questions, please reach out.

Team Fees

As a reminder, the balance of the CT Rams season fee will be due by December 1, 2019. 

Checks can be made out to New Canaan Travel Softball and mailed to our Travel Treasurer Rob Panagrossi at:
37 Lincoln Drive
New Canaan, CT 06840
or via Venmo: @Robert-Panagrossi

Lastly, we are looking for additional team sponsors, please let us know if you have someone in mind and we will send along a sponsor form to fill out.  

We will be in touch in the coming weeks regarding fundraising planning efforts underway.


Reach out with any questions etc.


Nick & The CT Rams Coaches



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Parent Meeting Recap
by posted 11/07/2019

Parents – Great meeting the other night! We felt it was very productive... and hopefully it helped all of you understand the goals of our team, challenges and expectations, both from the players and the parents.

A few key points from the meeting that the coaches wanted to pass along:

Philosophy and behavior:

  • Spring / Summer is Softball first, other sports come afterwards.
  • The girls are expected to self-advocate, not have the parents do it for them.
    • Parents approaching the coaches about playing time is not appropriate at this level.
  • Playing time is based on many factors, any concerns from the players should be addressed directly from player to coach at the right time (ie. not during a game).
  • Please sign and send back the updated Player / Parent contract no later then Sunday November 10th.
    • Contract can be accessed / downloaded here for those of you who were unable to attend Monday evening’s meeting.
  • We need your help! We need each of you to help reinforce the CT Rams philosophy at home with your daughter, help her understand that being part of a tournament team and a highly competitive sports program is a process, and we need to trust in our coaches and the process.


As we explained on Monday evening, we are doing what we can to keep the cost of this program down and have done a great job of it thus far. Part of the reason we’ve been able to keep costs down has been due to our highly successful fundraising efforts which have helped offset some of the costs as well as providing funding for spirit wear and other things.

We need everyone’s help to continue raising funds to ensure we have what we need over the next 9 months. Help can come from helping us secure additional CT Rams specific sponsors, as well as helping us plan and execute on group fundraising events.

We plan to create a team banner which will display any sponsors we’re able to secure and are open to other ways to bring our sponsors to the forefront. A couple of you mentioned that you may already know of possible sponsors who may be interested, please reach out to me directly to discuss.

This January we are planning another “Guest Bartender” Winter Fundraiser. There has been talk of including a silent auction into that fundraiser, and a couple parents have expressed interest in helping out. We could certainly use the help... please reach out to me to confirm if you’re interested in helping out, either in the planning or donation of items towards the auction.

Work outside of the team:

We expect that each of your girls will be working either on their own, with a parent / friend or with an instructor during the off-season. The competition at this level is solid and will continue to improve as the tournament season gets nearer. Training and development cannot be expected to only take place when your daughter is with the team, it needs to happen in the off time as well. When it does, it shows. It’s very important that if you are choosing to use a professional, that you ensure that instructor is qualified to teach the skills required. If recommendations on instructors or just advice / drills is needed, reach out to either one of the coaches or to myself and we can give advice, or set you up with the right person to talk to.

Blast Softball:

Those of you at the meeting received your daughter’s blast sensor, along with high level information related to how the sensor works, the analytics is provided and why we have decided to integrate them into our program. If you were not at the meeting, please reach out to me before next Wednesday’s team player meeting to pick up your daughter’s Blast. I will be reaching out in the next few days with more details on setting up, using and understanding how Blast works.

Team Bonding:

Our girls spending time together outside of the lines is going to be key towards their success in 2020. Teams perform better when they play for each other and not only themselves… The coaches and I are big believers in this mantra. We need your help to plan, organize and run team bonding events throughout the winter as well as the Spring / Summer season. Please reach out to me if you’d like to help plan something. We have a couple charity events lined up already, and I’d like to see several more activities planned for the team as a whole off the field.

Other Parent Roles:

I’ve asked earlier this fall, but I want to ask again, please let me know what role you would like to help with as a parent of a CT Rams player. Tournaments will always need people helping, there will be needs around the overnight events we will be planning as well as the Connecticut events. Please reach out to me to reiterate what you’re interested in helping with.


We will be reaching out over the next few weeks to schedule uniform fitting. Extra uniform items will be available for purchase including extra pants, socks etc once we have the uniform finalized.

Winter Training / Schedule:

Strength and Conditioning - We have a busy winter planned for our girls. Twice weekly strength and conditioning classes to be held at Fitness Together in Darien will start in December.

Hitting – We are planning to start hitting focused training with a professional instructor in December. These sessions will be held weekly.

Pitching Gym Space will be available starting in January, running through April.

Catchers will be asked to attend catching clinics on Sunday evenings beginning in January, running through early April.

Team indoor Practices will start towards the end of January.

We’ve been invited by the Seymour Tradition to participate in an indoor Jamboree, details to be provided once available.

Indoor Winter Tournament to be decided on, most likely mid/late March.

We are working on hosting an indoor Jamboree at BVSA in very early April.


Our tournament schedule is still being worked out. We will be traveling to Fastpitch Nation Park quite a bit and are planning other tournaments around the state. Outside of the Connecticut events, we are planning to travel to Rhode Island as well as Maryland in July for the USSSA East National Championship Tournament.

As the tournaments get closer, we can arrange carpooling where needed as well as coverage for those who can’t be on-site for the entire event.

As a reminder, our girls are not going to be playing rec ball, as such, CT Rams will be the priority and focus throughout the Spring and Summer.

Social Media and Internet Exposure:

Please be sure to follow our Instragram: @CTRamsSoftball and Facebook: @CTRamsSoftball as well as checking out our new homepage (thanks to the Healeys): (please note, the site is not officially launched yet as there are a couple bugs we are working out, but it is live and running). Please Share our Instagram and Facebook site with your contacts to help our CT Rams program gain more exposure.

Balance of Team Fees:

As a reminder, the balance of the CT Rams season fee will be due by December 1, 2019. If you are interested in spreading the payments out, that is not a problem, please reach out to me directly to discuss options.

Checks can be made out to New Canaan Travel Softball and mailed to our Travel Treasurer Rob Panagrossi at:
37 Lincoln Drive
New Canaan, CT 06840

or via Venmo: @Robert-Panagrossi

This was a ton of information... it still shocks me at exactly what is involved in a team like this. More to come.. but this is certainly more than enough for now!

We are all very much looking forward to the season, looking forward to watching our girls and team grow together and having a ton of fun along the way!


As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.


Nick & CT Rams Coaches

P.S. Don’t forget about the player meeting next Wednesday night at Fitness Together!

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Mandatory Player Team Meeting
by posted 11/06/2019

Parents - Please see below for a note from Coach Rita:
Thank You for attending the parents meeting, we will get out a review of what we talked about and more info on the blast sensors soon.
I wanted to let you know that Kara and myself are having a mandatory team meeting with the girls at my studio on Wednesday, November 13th, at 6:30-7:30p.m.
Pizza will be provided!
We would like the opportunity to meet to discuss our fall season, team goals and involve the girls in setting some individual goals for themselves as well. Also, it will be a good opportunity to let them see my studio where we will be doing conditioning workouts in the off season.
My studio ReClaim You Fitness is located at 242 West Avenue in Darien. Please use the bottom door entrance by parking lot. Looking forward to seeing the girls next Wednesday.
Best in Health,
Coach Rita

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Parent Meeting Tonight!
by posted 11/04/2019

Parents -  Great weekend.. huge steps forward.

As a reminder, we have our Parent meeting at 7pm tonight. The meeting will be held at Lapham House (back of Waveny, near the Water Tower Turf 3 parking area (map included below).

We would like at least one representative from each family to be in attendance as the information shared will be important for both planning and understanding purposes. 

Notes from the meeting will be shared afterwards.

Nick / CT Rams Coaches


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by posted 11/02/2019

Parents - GREAT DAY for our team team.. we're 3-0 going into the Championship Round as the top seed of our Bracket.. which means we have a bye the first round. Our first game will be at 10am on field 3.. 8:45am arrival.

Tell your girls to keep it up, let's kick more butt tomorrow!

Remember to set your clocks back an hour for daylight savings tonight..


See everyone tomorrow!

Nick / CT Rams Coaches

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Tournament Information - IMPORTANT
by posted 11/01/2019

Parents - Our tournament games have been pushed back 15 minutes on Saturday due to the sunrise, as such our first game starts at 9:45am on field 3 @ FPN Park. 

All games will be played on field 3

Pool Play - Saturday November 2, 2019
Game 1 - 9:45am

Game 2 - 2:15pm

Game 3 - 3:45pm

Championship Round - Sunday November 3, 2019


Please arrive ready to play by 8:45am, which means 8:30am in reality. Our coaches would appreciate it if all players are on time.


Also - As a reminder, we are having our parent meeting on Monday November 4, 7pm at Lapham House in Waveny Park. We ask that each player has at least one family representative at the meeting.


Let us know if you have any questions.


See you at practice shortly!


Nick / CT Rams Coaches

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Practice - Mead Park @ 5:30-7:30pm
by posted 10/30/2019

Parents - Practice will be held tonight from 5:30-7:30 @ Mellick Field (Mead Park).

Fall is not fun for getting games in, clearly!


Nick / CT Rams Coaches


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Game Update
by posted 10/30/2019

Parents - Unfortunately the field is not going to be ready for our game tonight, as such we are looking to switch back to a practice. Once we secure the space, I will be in touch.




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Game is Cancelled Due to Rain
by posted 10/26/2019

Hi Parents - We've agreed with the opposing coach to cancel tomorrow's game due to the impending rain. I'll send another email with other updates.. but I wanted to get this out ASAP.



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by posted 10/23/2019

We're going to have hitting practice inside at BVSA from 6-7pm tonight. We will most likely be in the cages upstairs, so tell the girls to head up when they arrive.



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by posted 10/23/2019

Hi all - Unfortunately the fields did not handle the water from last nights rain very well, as such we are moving tonight's game to next Wednesday. 

We are working on practice space for this evening, so please make sure your girls know we are doing something regardless. I will come back to you once I have more details.

I was at this fields this morning trying to get the town to work magic, but there is just too much water around the bases. The town has hired a professional company to work on the fields once our Fall season is over.. this should allow for better drainage among other things.

Too bad, as it's absolutely beautiful out..



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Update: Schedule
by posted 10/22/2019

Parents – A few updates / changes:

Wednesday 10/21 – Game in-place of practice vs. CT Fury 12U (Fairfield’s Elite team), game start is 6:30, please have the girls arrive to Orchard by 5:30. A few girls are unavailable (as such 2 girls from the NC Rams team will be joining us for the game)

Sunday 10/27 – We are now planning 1 game against Seymour Tradition (they should be a very good team). Please arrive to Water Tower by 8:30am on Sunday, game starts at 9:30am and will be wrapped up by 11:30am as a few girls need to leave for Field Hockey

Monday 10/28 – Practice is moved to Friday (11/1).. no Monday Practice.

Wednesday 10/30 – Practice @ Orchard 6:30-9

Friday 11/1 – Pre-tournament quick practice after school, time TBD (plan between 3:30/4-5:30)

Saturday 11/2 – USSSA Fall Finale Tournament: Pool Play – FPN Park, Windsor CT. Game 1 is at 9:30am, Game 2 is 2pm and Game 3 is 3:30pm

Sunday 11/3 – USSSA Fall Finale Tournament: Championship Play – FPN Park, Windsor CT. Game times TBD (either 8:30 or 10am)

Also, Let know if you're planning / considering spending either or both nights in Windsor.


Nick / CT Rams Coaches



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Sweatshirt Sizes Needed - Please respond
by posted 10/22/2019

Lastly - While there will be uniforms, bat bags etc coming later this winter.. we are going to order CT Rams Sweatshirts for the team this week, and have them in-time for our final Fall Tournament. There will be no cost to the sweatshirts as we will be using some of the money raised from the last Travel Softball Fundraiser to cover the costs.

Please send your daughters sweatshirt size to by Tuesday (10/22) evening.

If you're looking for any additional sweatshirts, or T-Shirts... also let me know.

Also - in the coming weeks we will be sharing a team spirit wear store which will allow you to order all sorts of great items.. and a portion of the sales will help our fundrasising efforts.

Our next major fundraiser is planned for January 11th, so make sure to save the date as we will need all parents, friends and family to show their support for your daughter(s) and the program. Details to be shared in the coming weeks.



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Update: Final 2 Weeks of the Fall Season
by posted 10/21/2019

Parents – After 2 close games Saturday, followed by a blow-out loss... It was great to see our girls step up and play so well on Sunday. After mowing through the Long Island team, they fought hard against a very good team, the same team which easily beat us the afternoon before but came up short. We fully expect to be competing with teams such as Valley Fusion in 2020 and will see the fruits of their labor once we get there, sucess will not come easy.

We wanted to send an update to layout the plans for the next couple of weeks, leading up to the end of our Fall season and heading into Winter workouts. Winter details will be shared in the next couple of weeks.

Here is what we have coming up over the next 2 weeks:``

Wednesday 10/21 – Game in-place of practice vs. CT Fury 12U (Fairfield’s Elite team), game start is 6:30, please have the girls arrive to Orchard by 5:30

Sunday 10/27 – We are planning (2) games, back to back. Game 1 is against Seymour Tradition (they should be a very good team), and game 2 is against Greenwich. Please arrive to Water Tower by 8:30am on Sunday, games are 9:30 & 11:30.

Monday 10/28 – Practice @ Mead 6:30-8:30

Wednesday 10/30 – Practice @ Orchard 6:30-9

Friday 11/1Possible pre-tournament quick practice after school, this is TBD

Saturday 11/2 – USSSA Fall Finale Tournament: Pool Play – FPN Park, Windsor CT

Sunday 11/3 – USSSA Fall Finale Tournament: Championship Play – FPN Park, Windsor CT

Both of the next 2 teams we are playing (CT Fury & Seymour Tradition) will be at the Fall Finale event. The next week or so will be a good tune up in preparation. This will be a tough event, great competition... so please keep in mind, we are building something here.. it will not come quick, and it will not come easy.

I believe a few of us are planning to stay up in Windsor for the weekend of the tournament. Once we confirm the accommodations, I will share with everyone in case you’re also considering staying.

Reach out with any questions.


Nick & CT Rams Coaches

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Tournament update - Sunday
by posted 10/19/2019

Hi all - Our girls ended up 9th seed.. mainly bc of their performances in games 1 and 2. 
As I've said a few times, this is Fall.. and the season is a journey. We are looking to compete at a high level, success won't come easy.. it will take work, a lot of work.. focus and dedication. 

We girls are going to have a fun, productive and successful season.. wins and losses are important to all of us, of course but.. what is most important is each of them becoming better softball players and great teammates. 


Our first game is at 830, field 2.. please arrive by 730.






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Reminder - FPN Player Registration Submission
by posted 10/16/2019

Hi Parents – As a reminder, and a matter of urgency… please complete the Fastpitch Nation Player Registration by following this link to register your daughter ASAP if you haven’t already. This needs to be complete in order for your daughter to play this weekend.

Also – Steph Nicolet sent out a Sign-up Genius, please check it out and sign up for something.

Lastly – A few of us are planning to stay at the Courtyard Marriot Friday night (some maybe Saturday). Let me know if you need details.



Nick & CT Rams Coaches

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This Weekend's Tournament Details
by posted 10/14/2019

Parents –

With our first Fall tournament quickly approaching, I have a few housekeeping items we need to wrap up before this weekend’s tournament:

  1. Games
    1. Pool Play (3 games) is Saturday 10/19
      1. 8am, 9:30am & 2pm
    2. Championship Round is Sunday
      1. Times TBD
  2. Fastpitch Nation Player Registration
    1. Please follow this link to register your daughter ASAP
  3. Please look for me at practice this Wednesday to sign a USSSA Roster form
    1. We will be moving practice inside in the event of rain
  4. Bring a copy of your daughter’s birth certificate to practice on Wednesday

The coaches would like the girls to arrive 60 minutes ahead of the first game (7am).

As a reminder, this is a themed Halloween Tournament. Costumes are encouraged for ALL teams. COSTUMES ARE SATURDAY ONLY. SUNDAY IS REGULAR UNIFORMS. On Saturday you do not need to worry about uniform numbers and costumes. The girls have been coordinating the costumes already.

I’ve included details related to FPN Park below:

The games will also be live streamed here:

If anyone is interested in heading up Friday night, let me know as I can recommend quality near-by hotels.

See everyone on Wednesday at practice. Stay tuned for any weather updates.

Let me know if you have any question.



Nick & CT Rams Coaches


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Sunday Game is on
by posted 10/12/2019

Parents - We look to be good for tomorrow's 10am game. Please have your girls arrive ready to warm-up by 9am at Orchard.


I'll send an update rearding next weekend's tournament over the next couple of days.



Nick & CT Rams Coaches

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Weekend Update - Action Needed
by posted 10/08/2019

Parents - As you have hopefully seen (if you haven't, you've been ignoring my emails!) we have a few games this weekend, Columbus Day weekend. Please RSVP using the various methods which I've explained (at length) so we can ensure we have enough girls to play the games we've scheduled.

Being fall, we understand if other sports (fall sports) get in the way, but regardless, we need to know as we are also trying to plan / play out a fall schedule.

Also as a reminder, Sunday is our Fall Guest Bartender Event at South End Restuarant in New Canaan from 1-4pm. The league would appreciate you and your friends stopping by if possible.



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Game/Scrimmage Sunday - RSVP NEEDED
by posted 10/01/2019

Parents - As you may have seen, we've scheduled a game / scrimmage for this Sunday (10/6) at 3pm on Orchard. We were going to do a double-header, but instead are going to do an extended game scrimmage (8-10 innings) and be done by 6pm. Rita would like the girls to arrive by 2pm for warm-ups and pre-game practice.

The team we are playing is another multi-town team.. so they should be decent competition for us.

Please RSVP to the event on our site (under schedule), via the automated system emails or using the SportsSignUpPlay app so we can ensure we have enough. On that note, please RSVP to everything that comes through as it will help the coaches plan practices, games etc.

If you have any questions, let me know.


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by posted 09/30/2019

Parents – I hope all is well. It appears the girls had a great time at last Friday’s scavenger hunt and pizza dinner. As you may have saw, Leah Kittredge sent out a sign-up genius for this Friday’s team building (YWL Scarecrow decorating) and parent social.

A few housekeeping items that my over-communicative-self wanted to touch upon:

Schedule for the next 2 weeks:

Wednesday (10/2): Practice as usual on Orchard. Wear red jersey, some sort of black pants (for all practices)
Friday (10/4): Practice from 4-6pm @ Water Tower. Followed by Team building & Parent Social.
Saturday (10/5): Practice from 2-4pm @ Water Tower
Monday (10/7): Practice from 6:30-8:30pm on Mellick Field at Mead Park. This will be our new additional practice time, replacing the Thursday practices. NC Baseball was kind enough to allow us to use their new fancy turf fields as they have lights. The only caveat is that if there are any rainouts for fall baseball, they may need to move us around. Lights are scheduled to be installed on Water Tower field once our fall season wraps up. These lights will tremendously help us in the Spring / Summer and beyond in terms of scheduling conflicts.
Wednesday (10/9): Practice as usual on Orchard
Saturday (10/12): The start of a busy weekend.. Double-header 2pm/4pm on Water Tower vs. Connecticut Fury
Sunday (10/13): Game 10am on Water Tower vs. Newtown Hawks followed by our Travel Guest / Coach bartender Social/Fundraiser at South End.

We are always looking for sponsors to help offset costs for the season. Being a tournament team, we will have mounting expenses throughout the season and as I’ve pointed out in previous emails, the player fee will not entirely cover what we need. If you have any company or person in mind who might be interested in sponsoring our team, please let me know. Currently I have one sponsor lined up, but we need to add to that list.

Lastly, our Blast Motion sensors should be in this week. Once I get things setup and rolling, I will send out a detailed email as to what they are all about and what we need for you (the parents) to do.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.


Nick & CT Rams Coaches


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Update: Arrive early tonight if you are able
by posted 09/25/2019

Hi again Parents - Jim Healey (Brianna's dad) is going to be taking photographs of the team throughout the season for the Connecticut Rams new website. 

Jim is going to be at the field around 6pm tonight to take photos.. if you're able to get your daughter there early, that would be great.. if you can't, no big deal.. this will hopefully happen many many times throughout the next 9-10 months.

Also - The NC Rams have ordered pizza for the girls for after the practice tonight.





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Quick note about this Friday
by posted 09/24/2019

Hi Parents - Quick update regarding Friday:

Please note one of our parents has graciously offered to cover the expense of the players dinner, parentls and siblings will be at your own expense.





CT Rams

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Team Scavenger Hunt & Pizza Dinner - THIS FRIDAY!
by posted 09/23/2019

Details for Scavenger Hunt:
Date: Friday, 9/27/19
Start Time (Hunt): 4:30 - meet in front of Dunkin Donuts
Start Time (Dinner) - 5:30 - meet in front of Vicolo's
Format: 3 Teams  - Red / Blue / Green
What to wear: Girls should wear new Red practice jersey
Materials needed for hunt: Cell Phone or similar for group selfies
Prizes to be awarded!
Please RSVP to Sue DelCarmine at: by Thursday. Please provide the number of adults or siblings that are able to join for dinner (if any), otherwise pickup will be 6:30/6:45 at Vicolo's on Main Street in New Canaan.

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CT Rams - Game UPDATE + Other Info
by posted 09/20/2019

Parents – We are looking forward to tomorrow’s first fall game. While watching, please keep in mind that fall softball is all about development, not only winning!

Please arrive to the field no later than 10:30am tomorrow to Newtown High School which is located at 12 Berkshire Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482

Please ensure the girls come wearing all black softball pants.  Our jerseys are scheduled to be available today, and as such will be provided at the game. Since the team was formed later in the summer, many things had to happen quickly (including jersey orders etc).

We won’t have matching socks distributed... but I am thinking / hoping most of us should have some sort of a red softball sock to wear. If you do not have any, please let me know.

Team Manager: I’ve set each of you up with Dicks Team Manager access. This software contains GameChanger (to watch games live) as well as team management features that we will be using going forward. You should be receiving a link in your email box. Please confirm the account, update your information with your cell phone number etc as we plan to use this to communicate with the team for game day changes, updates, rainouts etc.

Lastly a few non-playing save the date reminders:

Friday – 9/27 Team Bonding (town scavenger hunt followed by pizza. Amy Werner and Sue DelCarmine will be reaching out).

Friday 10/4 – Team Bonding / Scarecrow decorating and parents social @ the Kittredges (details coming soon)

Sunday 10/13 – Travel Softball Fundraiser à Coach and helper guest bartenders at South End, come support our team and our program (proceeds will help offset other expenses throughout the year, Details coming soon)

I’m sure I am missing some other things… but this is it for now!  😊

Email me with any questions.




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CT Rams UPDATE Sept 15, 2019 - IMPORTANT
by posted 09/15/2019

Hi Parents – I am overdue with a very detailed (and long) email regarding our plans for the season. I apologize for the email length.. but there are clearly many important details needed to be covered.

  • Practice Update
    • We are working to swap some things around and move our Thursday evening practices from Water Tower to Orchard Field. Until the lights are installed at Water Tower, we are very limited and are sharing fields with the town Rec teams as well as the 5 other travel teams. I should be able to confirm the change early this week.
  • Team Bonding
    • We are planning 2 team “bonding events” over the next few weeks:
      • Town scavenger hunt followed by a team pizza dinner
        • Save the date: Friday September 27th
        • Estimated time: 4:30pm – 7pm
        • We are looking for help with this event… please consider volunteering. Reach out to me ASAP if you’re interested in helping out.
      • Scarecrow decorating
        • My 12U team did this last year and they had a great time creating a softball themed scarecrow to be hung on light poles in downtown New Canaan.
        • Save the date: Friday October 4th
        • Estimate time: Evening (TBD)
        • The Kittredges have been kind enough to host this event and are also planning to have a parent social the same evening. Details to follow.
  • Skills
    • Players need to be working on skills outside of practices. They can do this on their own/with a parent. For an additional cost they can attend private, semi-private, or small group instruction with our in-house instructors, Rita, Kara, or with other local facilities/instructors (I have a list if needed). Practices will never be as efficient at improving player skills as individual/small group sessions. These are a must for travel players.
    • We’ve been building a video collection of great instructional videos. I highly recommend taking a look at these with your daughter and trying some of the suggestions and drills:
  • Parent Volunteers Needed
    • Team Building (need volunteer: organize and communicate team gatherings off the field, ie; ice cream after a game, pizza night, bowling, sleepover etc. Team bonding is an essential element to a productive and successful team, please consider lending a hand in this important area) – Need volunteer(s)
    • Tournament Logistics & Planning (sit down / communicate with me (Nick) to work out the details of tournaments in terms of lodging, trip planning, what the team needs, who is bringing what etc – This role is filled
    • Sign-up Genius (work with Nick & others to organize a list of needs for tournaments, double-headers etc, have parents sign up to bring supplies). - Need volunteer
    • Game Changer app - This role is filled
    • Scheduling - This role is filled
  • Uniforms & Gear
    • We expect our fall jerseys to come in this week, before Saturday’s game in Newtown. Please ensure to pick up a pair of all black softball pants. Socks can be all black, or nearly all black ideally. Fall is relaxed, as such we will not be sticklers for this right now.
    • Our full Spring/Summer uniforms will be ordered during late fall. More details around what is included in the final 2019-20 team fee later in this email.
  • Training & Development
    • Fall will be focused on team and player development. Keep in mind, the scoreboard is not the only way to measure success during this time of year. 
    • The team will have access to winter training including pitcher/catcher clinics, winter team practices, as well as speed/conditioning classes. More details around what is included in the final 2019-20 team fee later in this email.
  • Player Fee Package and obligation / team fee for 2019-20 Season
    • $2,300 (minus the paid deposit)
    • Includes:
      • Professional Head Coach and Assistant Coach
      • Fall Season
        • 2 weekly practices (outdoors)
        • 2 Tournaments @ Fast Pitch Nation Park (FPN Park)
        • 5-8 Local (Fairfield county mostly) games
        • Game/Practice Jersey
      • Winter
        • Strength & Conditioning classes held at Fitness Together in Darien
          • This is still being finalized, but it’s looking like twice weekly classes which will start in early December and continue through March
        • Pitching Clinics held at the NCHS Field House / Aux Gym running from early Jan through March
        • Catching Clinics held at the NCHS Field House / Aux Gym running from early Jan through March
        • Team practices held at the NCHS Field House / Aux Gym running from mid-Jan through April
      • Spring / Summer
        • 8-10 Tournaments (TBD)
          • The CT Rams are a tournament team, as such, our focus will be preparing to and playing in many tournaments
          • Many will be at FPN Park, some will be a further distance away. FPN Park is drivable, although for some it may be preferable to stay overnight (to be discussed later in the year)
          • We will announce the tournament plans as early as we can to help with planning purposes
        • 3 Practices per week held at either Orchard and Water Tower fields in New Canaan
        • Uniform & Gear
          • Full uniform including
            • Sleeveless jersey, short sleeve compression undershirt, pants, socks, belt, headband
          • Helmet & Facemask
          • Bat/Equipment Bag
        • Blast Motion Sensor & premium subscription service
          • Provides coaches and athletes with direct access to the most accurate swing metrics available to help your players build a better all-around swing
          • Industry’s most accurate motion sensor, combined with an integrated suite of software analysis, coaching, communication and management tools that enable the daily drive to improve and the data needed to target the areas needed to focus on.
  • Fundraising Efforts – IMPORTANT
    • We have a ton of good things planned for the CT Rams this season. As such, the player season fee does not fully cover this team’s expenses. On a player income basis, we are and will operate in the red. In order to close this gap, we will be relying on each and every one of you to help us raise funds to cover the costs.
      • There are many ways to help including:
        • Participating and encouraging friends/family to donate during fundraisers (more on those below)
        • Finding additional sponsors for our team
          • We currently have one
      • Fundraisers
        • Guest Bartender Afternoon
          • Where: South End
          • When: Sunday October 13th, 1pm
          • Come watch football, have a drink or 2 and watch various travel softball coaches and assistants make drinks for everyone
          • This was a hugely successful and very fun event last year
        • Superbowl & March Madness Boxes
          • Support our team by getting as many friends as possible to buy a box (or a few)

The balance of the CT Rams season fee will be due by December 1, 2019. If you are interested in spreading the payments out, that is not a problem, please reach out to me directly to discuss options. Checks can be made out to New Canaan Travel Softball and mailed to our Travel Treasurer Rob Panagrossi at:
37 Lincoln Drive
New Canaan, CT 06840
or via Venmo: @Robert-Panagrossi

We will also be sending over a player-parent agreement which will need to be signed and returned to me within 7 days of receiving the agreement. Including in this agreement are expectations of the player for each season as well as what we expect out of our parents including sideline etiquette and responsibilities.

Again, we are very much looking forward to the upcoming seasons and watching our girls develop as Softball players, athletes and people.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

All the Best,

Nick DiMuzio along with the CT Rams Coaches Rita and Kara



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Practice Tomorrow - Update
by posted 09/10/2019

Hi parents - Rita and Kara would like the pitchers and catchers to stay an extra 15 minutes tomorrow night if possible (9pm pickup). 

Let me know via email if there is an issue. We will try to adjust as we move ahead if we can accomidate an earlier time.



Nick and CT Rams Elite Coaches

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Fall Season - Details
by posted 09/02/2019

Hello CT Rams Parents! My name is Nick DiMuzio (I am aware most of you know my very well by now, but I figured I should be formal), I am assisting Rita and Kara in managing the CT Rams from a logistical and planning standpoint. I will be sending notifications, helping coordinate things and helping answer off the field questions for the team. My goal is to allow Rita and Kara to focus on the girls, the team, player development and putting a successful team on the field.


We plan to hold at least 2 practices per week (sometimes 3 if there are no games scheduled). Field space will be an issue in fall for various reasons, so as of now our locked in practice time will be Wednesday evenings from 6:15pm – 8:15pm. This week we also have the field from 6pm – 7:30pm on Tuesday (tomorrow, 9/3). We are working on securing an additional night and then will add in other extra practices as the coaches see fit.


We will have games scheduled (many will be double-headers) throughout the Fall season, although early on the focus will be practice. Stay tuned for games to be added to the schedule.

Scheduling & Conflicts

We do realize (and encourage) the girls to play other sports during the fall season, and as such we understand there will be conflicts. If you could each send me your daughter’s sports schedule for her other team(s) during the fall, that would be greatly appreciated.

We are planning 2 tournaments this fall:

October 19-20 – USSSA Spooktacular @ Fast Pitch Nation Park (FPN Park) in Windsor, CT
November 2-3 – USSSA Fall Finale @ Fast Pitch Nation Park (FPN Park) in Windsor, CT

Although while not mandatory during the fall season, we are hoping that your daughter is able to break away and attend these events. If she can’t, it’s okay… but please let us know ASAP by replying to this email.

Schedule Management and Game Scoring Apps:

I highly suggest you download and use the ‘Sports Signup Play App’. This app is directly connected to our live schedule, and RSVP system. To use the app, login using your New Canaan Softball login details (you may need to log in and out and back in to get the new team to show up):

Apple App Store:
Google Play Store:

While the Sports Signup Play App is what we are recommending for now, we are also testing the team management capabilities of another app called “Team Manager”. ‘Team Manager’ is the soon to be replacement for ‘GameChanger’. I plan on working with our team scorers to test the ‘GameChanger’ replacement, as such you should expect to receive an invite to that app once I finish setting the team up. You can download ‘Team Manager’ here:

Apple App Store:
Google Play Store:

Uniforms (and practice attire)

We will be ordering basic jerseys to be used for both practices and games during the fall. Please send me your daughters shirt/jersey size no later then Thursday September 5th (youth S-L, ladies S-L). We need the girls to wear plain black softball pants for the fall season.. if you do not have them, please pick a pair up this week.

We will be ordering full uniforms for the Spring/Summer this winter and will be in touch later in the fall to get the ball rolling on those.

For practices until the fall jerseys are in, please wear any athletic fitting top along with softball pants.

As we move into the fall, we will be reaching out looking for parent volunteers for a variety of roles for the CT Rams. 

There will be additional information coming your way in the near future, for now I wanted to get the above to you before we start practices.

Just to recap action items:

  • Send Shirt / Jersey Sizing
  • Ensure you have black softball pants, or pick a pair up ASAP
  • Practice this week Tuesday / Wednesday
  • Send other sport(s) fall schedule
  • (2) Tournament dates, check other sports schedule, let me know if you can attend

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Nick DiMuzio (on behalf of the CT Rams, Rita and Kara)



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